An award-winning New York filmmaker, John Bush’s films have shown widely in major festivals, movie theaters and museums around the world with nationwide broadcasts on PBS stations and abroad. His cinematography has received widespread acclaim. John brings vision, skill and drive to every project.

Among the leading museums presenting the documentary feature films of John’s Yatra Trilogy are: The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Asian Civilizations Museum, Singapore, Seattle Art Museum, The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, The Art Institute of Chicago and The National Gallery of Australia. His films have been selections in scores of film festivals, including competition for best documentary at Bangkok, Rome and Munich.

Vajra Sky Over Tibet, endorsed by The Dalai Lama, received critical acclaim during its 63 city theatrical release. PBS distributes the DVD collection of his film trilogy in North America.

Last year, Vajra Sky Over Tibet was shown on 155 PBS stations in primetime across America. In May, the 4.5 hour Journey Into Buddhism Trilogy began to be aired nationwide on PBS stations presented by WGBH Boston and American Public Television. Playing nationally in South Africa, the trilogy will soon be televised in many more countries, distributed by TVF International, London.

In the last four years, John created a series of award-winning dance films in collaboration with French born New York choreographer Nadine Helstroffer. Zephyr, Portal, Hourglass, Absence Presence and Dream On Me have played at 65 major festivals in 22 different countries.

In New York, John’s films all premiered at The Rubin Museum of Art theater and his Asian film trilogy Journey Into Buddhism had a recent 3-week engagement at the Asia Society theater. Vajra Sky Over Tibet played at the Angelika Film Center and had a one month run at Manhattan’s Cinema Village.

As a young poet and playwright, John explored experimental filmmaking. After a 26-year career as the CEO and creative force of Illuminations, an industry-leading trend gift company, he returned to film in 2000.

This new career in film was a natural extension of his professional involvement with photography, art direction and conceptual design. John’s executive talents running a creative corporation lent themselves to the roles of film producer and director. He founded Direct Pictures in 2002 as his production company.

John Bush creates his work along with a talented ensemble of New York film professionals.



“The places Bush visits are radiant indeed,

his excellent camerawork reveals hidden treasures.”

This Week In New York

“John Bush’s work is eye-opening and essential.”

Ty Burr, film critic, Boston Globe

"Bush's stunning camera work adroitly captures

the majestic landscapes and icons of Buddhism.”
Village Voice