AJAR (excerpt)                          

A healing portrayal through dance of the stages of grief, this film ventures

to stay open in the face of loss and the mystery of death. 8 mins

DREAM ON ME (trailer)

Who is dreaming whom? Eight dancers embark on a radiant journey through impermanence and New York streams of mind.  34 mins  

Nadine Helstroffer from France,

a performer and choreographer of fierce concentration and focus.”
Jennifer Dunning, New York Times

“Helstroffer acts as the radiant core from which Bush's loveliest light can flow in the dream-inspired Dream on Me.”

Eva Yaa Asantewaa, InfiniteBody

“I was greatly moved by the John Bush films shown, Absence /Presence and Dream on Me. The poetic fluidity of movement and heartbreaking, arresting themes of stillness, peace,secretiveness and revealings just worked on me.”

Christopher Knowles, Pink

“Surreal and intriguing.”   
Moira de Swardt,   artslink.co.za

Helstroffer is a fiercely concentrated performer pulling all motion into the heated center of herself.”

Sally Sommers, Village Voice

“A gifted filmmaker, John Bush has
a unique and inspired vision of the
art of film." 
Museum of Fine Arts,  Boston

“Her dancers hold their poses against the wind becoming part of the natural, though Felliniesque, environment and their serene faces and slight smiles speak to Helstroffer’s interest in meditation and its relationship to movement.”
Marilyn Russo,
Attitude: The Dancers’ Magazine

“Nadine Helstroffer is one of dance's treasures -- a poetic, luminous performer whose choreography reflects her insight
into life, nature and spirituality.”
Eva Yaa Asantewaa, InfiniteBody

The Rubin Museum of Art, New York
commissioned a live solo dance on the gallery floor of the exhibition “Eternal Presence: Handprints and Footprints in Buddhist Art,” and filmed by John Bush:

“Helstroffer turned her attention to the giant feet of the Buddha. At the feet of the feet she recapitulated the ethereal, mesmerizing and fluid arm and body movements exhibited in the first section.  She ended the performance by kneeling and disappearing behind the stone pedestal - perhaps subsumed by Buddha?  Helstroffer is a magnetic, compelling performer."
Philip W. Sandstrom,
The Dance Insider


These two films shot in Central Tibet and the galleries of New York’s Rubin Museum of Art, are pilgrimages celebrating the majesty and tragedy of what remains of the traditional Buddhist culture in Tibet. length: 25 mins

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